skillet cookies and fettuccine alfredo.

I am a woman of limited tastes.

Well, I take that back. I love a lot of different foods. But if I were told I was only allowed to eat a few select things over a period of time, a few come to mind that would likely not bore me.

Skillet cookies and fettuccine alfredo.

No, I’m sort of kidding.

It’s no surprise that I love pasta. I am not even Italian, but I could probably eat pasta every day if I had to. And there was a time that DH and I were broke enough that we lived off pasta and Hamburger Helper for weeks at a time.

I digress.

The very first time I had fettuccine alfredo was sometime when I was a child. I don’t remember where or when. It might have been the Olive Garden, but I could be mistaken. Though that wouldn’t surprise me because I tend to measure all fettuccine alfredo dishes against OG since it’s my favorite. And yes, I realize that OG isn’t *real* Italian food. But come ON. Their alfredo sauce has the perfect balance of garlic, cream, and parmesan.

Anyway, so whenever I have a chance to go to a new Italian restaurant, the first thing I usually get is the fettuccine alfredo. Maybe it’s because I am trying to find a worth adversary to my old standard. Or maybe it’s because I rarely go out of my comfort zone when it comes to pasta tossed in sauce or gravy.

And don’t even get me started on my homemade alfredo sauce. I’ve yet to actually master one that I could fall in mad foodie love with. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve tried really weird recipes that call for cream of mushroom soup (yuck), or cream cheese (say what?). If I could just master the Olive Garden alfredo sauce, I would be in heaven. Pure cheesy creamy rich heaven.

Another obsession I’ve developed recently is skillet cookies. Like, it’s a big chocolate chip cookie that’s made in a small cast iron skillet and usually topped with vanilla ice cream and some whipped cream. Oh my gosh…it’s an amazing invention, and if I had a small cast iron skillet, I’d make them all the time, much to my stomach’s chagrin. Of course, you have to make sure you do it right. If you overcook the edges, it kinda ruins the whole experience. In the last 7 months or so, I’ve had one at four different restaurants so far, and sadly none of them have topped the first one (happily devoured at the Manayunk Brewing Company).

I’ll bet at this point you’re wondering why I am rambling on about skillet cookies and fettuccine alfredo. DH and I dined at Bertucci’s last night for dinner, and I ordered their new fettuccine alfredo with grilled chicken. It was decent. I mean, the sauce was pretty flavorful, but they used egg noodles in the dish, and I am not exactly a fan of egg pasta in general. So that kind of ruined it for me. For dessert, we nommed on their “brick oven baked” chocolate chip cookie, topped with vanilla bean gelato and a smidgen of whipped cream. I am not going to say it was bad. However, since it was “fired” in a stoneware dish instead of a cast iron skillet, it kind of lost its appeal. Also, they didn’t spray the dish with cooking spray or anything similar, because we had to scrape the rest of the cookie out of the dish upon finishing. Finally, the consistency of the gelato just didn’t really go well with the cookie. So I am going to just stick with skillet cookies in cast iron from now on.

How about you? Where is your favorite fettuccine alfredo dish from? Have you ever made a skillet cookie?


6 Responses to skillet cookies and fettuccine alfredo.

  1. Diele says:

    I do like the Alfredo sauce from Olive Garden, but prefer to make my own from home. I make mine from heavy cream, imported Parmesan cheese, and granulated garlic from California(from Cosco). Occasionally I get a little crazy and add lots of freshly ground black pepper or Romano cheese to make it extra cheesy.

    • estherfox says:

      That sounds divine! Eventually I take another stab at making it myself, but for now I’ll just eat it at restaurants :)

  2. strangemodegirl says:

    I make a killer Alfredo sauce.

  3. Nicole says:

    Recipe for skillet cookie please?

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